Monday, October 12, 2009

520 miles on the sprints-

So I calculated how many miles I have on my current pair of Sprints and it comes to 520 miles.  They look surprisingly nice for the amount of miles.  Most traditional running shoes need replaced around 200-300 miles.  I got right around 500 miles on my last  pair of Classics until the yellow material inside the heel started to break down.  The Sprints look awesome and I think they'll last another couple hundred miles.  In case you're wondering what they look like:

I haven't washed these nearly as much as I washed the Classics - I was wondering if that is the reason for the breakdown of the inside material.  The picture may not show but the Sprints are starting to get worn on the sole - I mainly run on asphalt.  There is a small rip in the fabric by one of the toes but otherwise they are in great shape.  And I don't have to worry about the breakdown of EVA either...

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