Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chicago Marathon - 10.10.10

The Chicago Marthon was finally here!  We raised enough money for the charity, The Hall Steps Foundation, and we were ready to run.  We left from Ohio bright and early Saturday morning, and made the 5.5 hour drive into Chicago.  We went to the expo Saturday night, and picked up our bibs and t-shirts.  The expo was PACKED - and we could hardly move inside the Nike merch booth.  After walking around the expo for a while we decided to take our stuff to the "hotel".  (Erica's step-sister and husband were nice enough to let us stay with them).  We then took off for the Steps dinner in downtown Chicago, where we were able to eat a great meal, meet all the other Steps runners and even meet Ryan and Sara Hall, Bart Yasso and Scott Bauhs.  It was great encouragement for the race and we were pumped!  After the dinner we headed back and got to bed.

I started the morning with some delicious pancakes and we headed to the train that would take us downtown.  At 6am it was already in the 60's, so we knew it was going to be warm.  I was disappointed, though, because I wasn't able to show off my killer prerace sweats as much...

We got to the starting area around 6:40 and checked our bags and started to navigate and figure out where we were supposed to go.  We finally figured out where the corrals were; I headed to 'A' and Erica went to 'D'.  We said our goodbyes and good lucks and made our separate ways.

I was glad to be in corral A, as it was not as packed as the open division and I was able to get across the starting line in around 30 seconds.  I thought that it might help me reach my goal of running under three hours.  The main reason I wanted to break three hours is because it would allow me automatic entry into the JFK50, rather than entering via lottery.  The first few miles flew by, and I ran faster than I should have.  First three miles went by in 6:09, 5:51 and 6:22 - hit the 5k point in 20:08.  The crowds were great and made the race a lot of fun.  The next three miles I was starting to warm up and ease into a better, more consistent pace - 6:30, 6:35, and 6:35 - 10k point at 40:51.  The further we went the more spread out everybody got, which was nice because I didn't have to worry about stepping on heels or getting run over (as much).

The next seven miles really seemed easy and I maintained a nice pace, 6:38, 6:37, 6:43, 6:41, 6:38, 6:43 and 6:41.  At this point we were back downtown and the crowds were crazy!  I went across the 1/2 marathon point at 1:27:16, which was faster than two of the four half-marathons I have done.  The Chicago course is known for being flat and producing fast times.  I was feeling great and it seemed like sub-3 might be a possibility!  I knew that there was a long way to go still and it would get tough, especially since it was already over 70 degrees.

The next few miles I was still keeping a good pace but was starting to slow a bit - 6:41, 6:45, 6:50.  I was happy though, as they were still under 7:00.  Miles 17 through 20 I was starting to fatigue a bit and had to really focus to stay on pace - 6:44, 6:53, 6:55 and 7:03.  It was nice going through the 20 mile point, as there was only 10k left from here!  I was definitely starting to hurt at this point and was a bit disappointed to have a mile split over 7:00 but realized that I was still on track for sub-3 because I hit the 20 mile point at 2:12:34.  I did some calculations in my head - I had to do the last 10k in around 47 minutes to be under three hours.  No problem, except that I had already gone 20 miles and was a bit tired...

The next three miles were definitely slower, and were probably the hardest of the day - 6:59, 7:03 and 7:10.  Ok, 5k left to go and still a little bit of a buffer left to hit the goal time.  I had to do the last 5k in around 26 minutes to hit the goal time.  Miles 24 and 25 were really tough, but was able to get them done in 7:15 and 7:07.  From here I knew that I had 1.2 miles left and I really had to get moving if I wanted to be under 3 hrs...  I was able to call upon some untapped reserves and picked up the pace - mile 26 done in 6:53.  By this point the finish line was calling my name and I was running as fast as I could - climbed the small hill before the last turn.  I heard the announcer saying "45 seconds clock time before the three hour mark!!!"  At this point I knew that I was going to be able to make it-  crossed the finish line at 2:59:44 gun time, and 2:59:10 chip time.

Fourth marathon in the Vibram Five Fingers - next up is the Bobcat Trail Marathon!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bill Seymour Half Marathon - 9.4.10

New half marathon PR!  This was my second BSHM - did it again mainly because the race is CHEAP.  It is only $25 for the half, and that includes a long-sleeve t-shirt, a gel, and some coupons (including Subway!)

Went out shooting for around 1:28 or so.  I felt really good and hung out around 6:30 pace for most of the run.  The weather was great - upper 50's at the start.  Finished 17th place in 1:24:07.

Here is the info from the Garmin 110 I wore - I ALWAYS forget to hit "stop" after I cross the line... It took me about one minute this time.

Bill Seymour Half Marathon 2010

Here are the pics, thanks to Team Nebraska photographers. None of me are that good and the only reason I'm in any is because I was around TN members. Oh well. At least there is a photographic record that I was there.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Riverside 5000

We went to a wedding just north of Tulsa this weekend and decided to find a run the morning of the wedding. A search came up with the Riverside 5000 - a flat fast 5k in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The run came at the end of a short week of running; I just got in two 10k runs on Tues/Wed, had a migraine after work Thursday so I didn't get to run. Friday was mostly driving and a two-hour delay at the hotel. I was VERY ready to run Saturday morning.

We got to the run around 7:20 and they were just about to start the "elite" division - guys who could easily run under 18:00 5k and women who were probably under 19:30 or so. There was prize money for this race, and they let the women leave 2 minutes earlier than the guys. Interesting.

We got our packets, did some warmup jogging and headed to the start. There were a few hundred people there, and a lot of high-school age kids. This race was two loops on Riverside. So you go straight ahead, come back toward the finish, turn around again and go out, turn once more and finish up. Good parts to this - it was pretty flat and there were three water stops... bad part - three hairpin loops and it was in the 80s.

Started out pretty fast and did the first mile in 5:46. Slowed down for the second a little bit and it went by in 5:56 or so. I was feeling great and passing people here and there. I got to see Erica three times during the race, which was a first. The third mile was tough - just pushing it as much as I could. Skipped the water stop at mile 3.0 and sprinted to the finish, passing one guy in the process but not quite getting by another. Was shooting for under 18:00 but ended up with 18:16 - still a PR! I was 7th overall and 1st in my age group.

After Erica finished we hopped in the car and went back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding. It got to 104 degrees that day! Crazy!

Riverside 5000 Open * 5 km * August 14, 2010
River Parks, Tulsa, Okla.
295 finishers * Cloudy, low 80's, slight wind
USATF certified course, USATF sanctioned event
Administered by Glen's Racing Service
Place Div/Tot Div Name City St Age Time Pace
===== ======== ===== ===================== =============== == === ======= =====
1 1/41 M1619 Erik Alnes Tulsa OK 17 17:32 3:31
2 1/47 M1315 Michael Duke Tulsa OK 15 17:47 3:34
3 2/41 M1619 Kevin Diaz Tulsa OK 16 17:52 3:35
4 3/41 M1619 Josiah Soap Jenks OK 19 18:02 3:37
5 4/41 M1619 Quentin Fowler Jenks OK 16 18:13 3:39
6 1/2 M2024 Dan Matthews Tulsa OK 22 18:16 3:40
7 1/6 M2529 Nicholas Hanson Blair NE 28 18:16 3:40
8 5/41 M1619 Levi Garrett Tulsa OK 16 18:19 3:40
9 6/41 M1619 Brad Arnold Tulsa OK 17 18:19 3:40
10 2/47 M1315 Brandon Ellis Sapulpa OK 15 18:28 3:42

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lake Wehrspann 10k - 8.1.10

This was my first 10k of the year, and I was not training for it specifically at all.  I did no interval training, speedwork, mile repeats, etc.  I have just been running, and mostly on trails.  That being said, I was just out to break 40 minutes again.  That would suffice.
We got to the lake about 30 minutes before the start, had time to hit the bathroom, put on our numbers and timing chips, etc…   All the normal things you do before a race.  We jogged back to the car, put our t-shirts in the trunk and headed to the start.  We’d never done this race before, or even been to Lake Wehrspann.  Apparently it was the 23rd year they had done the 10k though.  We lined up at the start and got race instructions – we were told that there would be three water stops and the course would be completely on hilly concrete pathways.
The course was very scenic and you could see the lake virtually the whole time.  I was around 5th place, behind 3 males and 1 female, until the 5k point.  I felt warmed up by then and went for it.  I held the pace around 6:25 or so, and found the energy for a 6:00 sixth mile.  Caught up to the leader/pacer around 6.1 miles, passed and won – not the best time but it was under 40 minutes (39:45 – barely!)  Of course, I didn't know for sure that I won until I got the award, because the ribbon was not held up.  Oh well.

 Next race - the Riverside 5000 in OKLAHOMA!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stampede For Steps 5k

Erica was the race director for this event and she did a great job.  She spent the last couple of months calling local business and asking for sponsorship – ended up getting support from Woodhouse, American Broadband, No Frills, Scheels, Fernando’s Mexican Food, Great Harvest Bread Company and RoadID.  I helped as much as I could, promoting the event, marking the course and finding a timing system to use.   We had close to thirty runners, with 7-8 signing up the day of the race. 

She even designed the shirt – and it looks AWESOME!

She called everybody to the start, gave some background about the Hall Steps Foundation and a little direction about the 5 kilometer course and we were off!  The course started off with a long downhill and was flat for a couple of blocks.  Then there was a sharp right turn and we went up a steep hill, then right back down.  I hung out in third for a while and moved into second at the first big hill.  From there it was flat for another block or two then there was a long gradual hill, with a steep hill at the top.  The water station was nested in a corner, right before another downhill segment.  That was pretty much how the whole course went, up and down hills.  Here is from an earlier time when I ran it:

There was around 400 feet of elevation change, which is a lot for a road 5k!  I never did catch up with the leader (Mr Craig Christians) and ended up second in 19:22. 

(bib #1 - very exciting)

The kids’ run was a lot of fun to watch, and I ran it with my nephew.  It was his first race, at 2 years old!  He even got a finisher ribbon to show off.  Here we are lining up at the start:

at the finish:

and receiving his ribbon:

We ended up raising a few hundred dollars for the Hall Steps Foundation, and nobody was injured or rushed to the hospital!  

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Week after the 50k

Well, the 50k is over.  It was a lot of fun, and I healed very quickly!  I did an easy 5k around the neighborhood after a full day of rest.  Also did two days of trail running about 6 miles each.  I didn't have a lot of time during the week for some reason.  I was planning on running a lot over the weekend but it just flew by.  Friday I didn't run because I was busy doing something very important...  Don't remember what though.  On Saturday I had to mow and wash the car to get it ready for sale - sold it successfully later that afternoon.  Saturday was very hot out, reaching close to 100 degrees and humid.  It didn't cool down later that night either.  Sunday was full of babysitting, shopping, birthday celebration and more heat/humidity.  Oh well.

Only ended up with 15 miles for the whole week - started this week out with a 14 mile run to our church softball game in Omaha (we lost...).

Found out that the Bobcat Trail Marathon in Glouster, Ohio is partnering with Vibram Five Fingers to implement a VFF category!  I am registering today-

Next race - Stampede for Steps 5k in Blair 7.31.10

After that - Lake Wehrspan 10k in Omaha 8.1.10

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Psycho Psummer 50k

This Saturday was the fourth annual Psycho Psummer (Run Toto Run) 50k/15mile trail run at Wyandotte County Lake Park in Kansas City, KS.  I signed up for the 50k race, and my wife did the 15 mile race.  The race director, Bad Ben, made a change a few days before and instead of having all the runners start at the same time he had the 50k start at 8am and the 15mi start 30 minutes later to avoid trail congestion.  This worked out great, and I never felt like the trails were packed or that I couldn’t pass or be passed at any time. 

I decided not to wear my VFFs for this race, because after reading all of the reviews listed on the trail nerds site I found out there are a lot of rocky areas and mud – both of which aren’t the best conditions for VFFs.   I have been training a lot in them though - these pictures are from a recent 16 mile trail run in my Sprints:

I went with some simple cross country flats:

First Loop

It must have rained in the days prior to us arriving from Omaha, because the first couple of miles were pretty muddy.  I started slow, as it was my first time running past the marathon distance.  I got between two people who were running around 10:30 pace and decided to run with them for a while, chatting casually while running.  For all three of us it was our first 50k race so we were taking it easy and weren’t sure of what to expect.  Around the 4-5 mile mark I thought I would go ahead of the group I was in and run alone for a bit – my favorite part of trail running is being alone, not watching the feet in front of you.  I was alone for the next 4 miles or so and it was some of the most fun I’ve had running for a long time.  The aid stations were awesome – filled my water bottle for me, offered a delightful array of food – had everything from watermelon to oranges to pb&j’s to fruit snacks, etc…  I got out of the woods at the other end of the lake and there was some open running with long grass to get back into the woods and head back to the start – ran relatively hard here, around 7:30 pace; it was nice to stretch the legs a bit.  I saw the photographer a few times on the first loop – he is very sneaky but extremely nice.  

At the first aid station back on this area I caught up with a few guys around my age and decided to run with them for a few miles – they were moving pretty good at around 9:45 pace.  They lost me at the Boy Scout aid station – I wanted to hang out for a few minutes and eat!  I left there and made my way through the Wyandotte Triangle – got back and was told there was around 2.5 miles back to the start.  These were probably the slowest miles of each loop.  It was here where it got even muddier and rockier than at the very start.  It was a slow trip back from there but I made it to the halfway point at around 2:48.  My goal was around 3 hours per loop so I was right on track.  I didn’t wait at the halfway point too long- there were a few guys there changing socks, and regrouping but I figured I’d just move along (after eating some fruit snacks and drinking some soda of course!).

Second Loop

The second loop started out fine – the 15 mile runners actually packed down the mud and it was not as bad as the first time around.  I was trotting along, enjoying myself while drinking water and eating fruit snacks.  I got to the first aid station (again) and was told I was in 14th place – not bad, I thought!  I was shooting for top ten so I thought there might be a chance for that.  I didn’t know how I would feel after 20+ miles though.  The weather was starting to heat up but fortunately most of the race is under complete tree cover so it was still very enjoyable.   One of the most fun parts of the course is the rope attached to the trees that you use to climb up a very steep slope.  There are no pictures of me doing this, but I’m pretty sure I had a huge grin on my face the whole time.  For miles 18-22 or so I was alone, and having a great time.  I passed a runner every now and then that was slowing down – I was feeling better and better for some reason – must be the fruit snacks.  I made a wrong turn around mile 26 which cost me a few minutes.  Got back to the Wyandotte Triangle and started catching up with the very last of the 15 mile runners who cheered me on.  The last 2.5 miles again were very slow, muddy and rocky.  Got out of the woods and ran through the half mile or so of grass to the finish in 5:45! 

Nicholas Hanson



This was one of the most fun races I’ve ever done – the fellow runners were nice, and the aid station volunteers were all awesome and very helpful.   Ben and Sophia put on a GREAT race!  And thanks for the free pictures!  Will definitely do it again next year if I can!  I’m even thinking about doing the Free State 100k…

After the race we got some Applebees and I promptly fell asleep:

Great day.

Update - here is the upload from my Garmin Forerunner 110:  Psycho Psummer 50k

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Blair Downtown Mile

This was the fifth annual Blair Elite Downtown Mile race in Blair, Nebraska.  I got an email from the Omaha Running Club that they were going to be nice enough to allow community entrants into the race - normally it is invite-only.  I had never done a mile race before and it was only $10 so I thought - why not?  I didn't practice 200 meter repeats, or go to a track for workouts or anything... just thought I would wing it.

We all rode a bus from the YMCA to the start line, did some warmups and ran the course once (twice for some people).  We waited around a bit more and it got hotter and hotter...  for some reason they have the race a little after noon in JUNE when the temperature is close to 90 degrees.

Then we finally lined up at the start and the gun went off:

I ran pretty much as hard as I could - I saved a little for the end though.  Got passed at the last second (literally) by a high school kid - you can see me laughing in the picture.  He sure snuck up on me - I had passed him about 300 meters before that.  Oh well.  Congrats to him.  Ended up third place - 5:09:44.

I wish I had known that the community registrants weren't eligible for awards - there were some people there that ended up getting money and two awards.  At least I got some pizza!

                         June 12, 2010 - Blair, NE

                          Community Mile Results

Place Sex/Tot  Name                         City                Age Sex   Time   
===== ======== ============================ =================== === === ======== 
    1   1/7    Kevin Bane                   Oakland IA           22 M    4:44.07 
    2   2/7    Mitchell Martin              Milford NE           15 M    5:09.32 
    3   3/7    Nicholas Hanson              Blair NE             27 M    5:09.44 
    4   4/7    Kyle Hoggi                   Milford NE           15 M    5:25.09 
    5   5/7    Sean Fredricksen             Milford NE           14 M    5:25.11 
    6   1/5    Bryli Troyer                 Milford NE           14 F    5:58.68 
    7   2/5    Michelle Hall                Omaha NE             18 F    5:58.82 
    8   3/5    Allison Spath                Milford NE           16 F    6:02.81 
    9   6/7    Jared Bledsoe                Blair NE             10 M    6:08.08 
   10   7/7    Ryan Dibben                  Blair NE             18 M    6:20.00 
   11   4/5    Brittany Gropp               Milford NE           14 F    6:26.76 
   12   5/5    Maria Bledsoe                Blair NE             45 F    6:46.48 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ashland JWC 5k - first annual!

pictures from Ashland JWC shutterfly page:

As the title states, this was the first annual Ashland NE Junior Woman’s Club 5k Fun Run.  Erica and I were tipped off to the event by a fellow member of our softball team.  Neither of us had been to Ashland, and we were free that morning so we gladly signed up.  The weather was nice – about 72 degrees and a bit humid, if I remember correctly…  I decided to wear my blue VFF Classics for the race, because for some reason I had the Velcro strap on my Sprints a bit tight at the CB ½ marathon and they rubbed the top of my feet raw.  They are healed now and I’m back running in the Sprints, which I prefer by far for running over the Classics.  Anyway, this was a very small race compared to the Boystown run on Monday.  I could see a few people looking at my shoes and then tapping the person next to them and pointing…  I’m used to it by now.  I jogged around a bit and did some strides to warm up and then went to wait at the start.  When the gun went off I was a little antsy and went right to the lead.  It felt like I was running pretty fast but it was just so fun that I figured I’d go with it.  After a couple minutes I looked down at my Garmin watch and noticed that I had pushed the wrong button at the start and that it was not calculating.  Rats.  I started the clock there – somewhere before the first mile.  There were two kids that had volunteered to lead everybody on their bicycles – thanks to them!  It was a nice town to run through and nice to do a 5k – I have been doing longer distances lately so 5k felt it went by really fast.  The two mile splits I got were around 6:06 and 6:16 – I finished first in 18:XX so the first mile must have been 5:40 or so.  Afterward the second finisher came up and talked to me – thought the “shoes” were cool.  He did very well, in my opinion, finishing in around 22 minutes while pushing his son in a stroller!  Impressive.  I’d say that’s good for a 2-3 minute handicap.  Overall very fun – they should do it again next year!

Update - Official time for the race was 18:31

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Boystown 5 Mile Run

Memorial day was the Boystown 5 Mile Run in Omaha, NE.  It was a very nice day - just a little over 60 degrees at the start.  I got there about 30 minutes early and did some light jogging around the campus to warm up.  I lined up with the 6:30 pace runners at the start line.  While everybody was waiting I fielded a few questions about my "weird" shoes like "are they comfortable", "is there any arch support, because I need a lot of that", and "do you like them?".  The same sort of questions that are usually asked...  One guy mentioned that he just got a pair and had been wearing them around the house. 

Once the gun went off I felt really good and was passing people for the first half mile or so.  I finished the first mile in 6:01.  The course was beautiful - hills, trees, a lake...  I passed the lead female around 1.5 miles.  The miles flew by and it was very enjoyable:  6:14, 6:08, 6:12...  The last mile I felt great- 5 mile races seem short after doing a half marathon the weekend before!  Did the last mile in 6:06 - wore the Garmin for the first time and it hit the five mile mark about 0.09 miles from the finish.  Ended up placing 30th out of 1600.  Very fun race - I recommend doing it!

30 5/92 NICHOLAS HANSON 1339 27 M BLAIR NE 30:56

Next up is a 5k in Ashland, NE...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Council Bluffs Half Marathon - race report

This was the second running of the Council Bluffs Half Marathon, and my first.  I wore my VFF Sprints - nearing 1200 miles but holding together nicely.  I didn't do any spring races last year but for some reason have been doing as many as I can this spring...  I knew all week that the race was going to be warm - high of between 85/90 for the day.  The morning of the race was a warm and humid 72 degrees.  The race started out with the 5k runners, and it was an out-and-back run for them.  I started towards the middle of the pack, because it was chip-timed and I thought I should probably start out slow for the first mile or two.  My first two miles were around 6:55 and 6:45, right where I wanted to be.  Around mile two I heard "nice barefoot shoes" (which still is an odd thing to say to somebody for many reasons...).  I ran with that guy for a few minutes, talking about the VFFs.  Around mile 3-4 one of the pacers for Team Nebraska talked to me a bit (he was on a bicycle) about the VFFs - he wore them for a trail run a few weeks ago.  The course was actually very nice and was flat.  Running by Lake Manawa allowed for some good scenery, although it smelled a bit fishy...  I kept as steady a pace as I could - ranging from about 6:35 to 6:50 per mile.  After the lake we hit my favorite part - a few hundred feet of single-track dirt trail - before jumping onto another trail and heading back toward the finish.  I worked my way up little by little, passing a couple of people every mile.  When mile ten came around I was getting a bit tired from the sun beating down on me - at the last few water stops I dumped a cup of water on my head - VERY nice feeling.  The last few miles of the race were very pleasant - we ran through another concrete trail with nice trees.  I caught up with a female runner who I could see for the last two miles or so right at the 13 mile marker.  I thought she might race me to the finish but I went on without her.  Finished in 1:29:08 (chip time), 10th overall.  Not too bad for the heat/humidity.  I felt great afterward - could have gone further.  Overall it was a fairly well-organized race.  Although, the expo was very weak and they didn't put out bananas/oranges until around 2:00:00.  A bit pricey too, at $60.

bib number:236
location:Blair, NE
overall place:10 out of 635
division place:2 out of 42
gender place:9 out of 278
gun time:1:29:38

Next up - Boystown Memorial Day 5 Mile Run

Friday, May 7, 2010

Chicago Marathon 10.10.10

So I was reading about the Boston Marathon results a couple of weeks ago...  I found out that Ryan Hall donated all of his prize money from the race ($25,000) to his charity, the Hall Steps Foundation.  I thought that was interesting so I researched a bit more.  He started the foundation with his wife, Sara Hall, who is also an incredible runner.  Here are some details from their website:

The Hall Steps Foundation aims to empower the running community to use the energy and resources that fuel runners’ athletic achievements for social justice efforts. Currently in its first year of operation, the Steps Foundation funds initiatives that tackle structural causes of poverty such as chronic lack of access to basic entitlements including clean water, shelter and physical security. Specifically, Steps partners with leading international and local nonprofits in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia to fund projects that invest in sustainable methods of enhancing access to basic essentials. To-date, this has included (1) constructing community wells in East Africa to secure water access; (2) funding an orphanage in Kenya to ensure access to shelter and basic education; and (3) sponsoring legal counsel for victims of human trafficking in Southeast Asia to enhance victims’ physical autonomy. In the U.S., the Hall Steps Foundation is funding youth mentor and running programs across the country that aim to position athletic activity, goal-setting and training camaraderie at the center of the national movement to improve youth health, fitness and opportunity.

The more I found out the more I thought is was a great idea.  One of the "nonprofits" that they team with is WorldVision, a Christian organization.  The three main goals of the HSF are:

1. Mentoring running programs to get kids active and fight childhood obesity
2. Providing clean water to rural communities in Africa
3. Anti Human-Trafficking

I then noticed on the site that they were looking for runners to join them at the Chicago Marathon this October.  I mentioned it to my wife and she wanted to do it too!  So now we are registered to run the marathon for the Hall Steps Foundation.  We each need to raise $1500, which sounds like a good challenge for both of us.  We haven't started formally raising money yet but we have our information on their site.  More to follow...

Here are our sites:

nick - me


Garmin Forerunner

So I decided to get a GPS watch...  I went with the new Garmin Forerunner 110 - in black with the heart rate strap.  I finally got this one because it actually looks like a watch, is lightweight and I can be a nerd and look back at the data from my runs!  Here is the last run that I collected data from:

10 mile run

Thursday, April 22, 2010

B.A.A. Boston Marathon 2010

Photo courtesy of !!!

Third marathon in Vibram FiveFingers! Just saw on that another runner was at the Boston Marathon in VFFs: link to post. He ran a great race in 3:25, which is just right around where my first VFF marathon was (3:24). Congrats, Dan!

Went to the expo on Sunday after my wife ran the B.A.A. 5k to pick up my packet. I had to stop by the VFF exhibit and check out the new Bikilas- I am a bit skeptical... They seem to have a lot of padding. I may or may not try them out- I'm still deciding. I did hear that Tony Post gave a free pair to Corrado Giambalvo to run in. He finished in 3:23. Hey Tony, I'll take a pair to try out!!!  Maybe they will get me to go under three hours for a marathon!!   I keep contacting Vibram about being a tester but they have no interest.  I also have contacted them about putting out some technical t-shirts so that I can support them during races but they have no interest.  I have asked them to send me some more of the cards to hand out to interested people but they will not do it.  The product is great, but the customer service lately has been poor!  Oh well.  The expo was huge but very organized; there were tons of people wandering around, very excited about the impending race the next day. I met a few people who gave me tips on how to run Boston efficiently. One experienced runner who was running his 21st Boston told me to take it easy on the first five miles because you'll want to run fast! I heard this same thing from a few others as well.

I got on the first set of busses that left the park in Boston at 6:00am. We pulled into the Hopkinton school around 7:00am made the walk into the "Athlete's Village". The wait from 7::00 to 9:10 was long and cold. Luckily they provided food, music and delicious coffee. I trotted to the starting line with thousands of other people and made my way to the #4 corral. I wore my VFF Sprints for this run - I got asked many questions by people in the corral and during the race. Many of them had just bought VFFs recently but hadn't run in them yet. I told them they are great; go for a run in them!!

The Boston Course is a net downhill course, but there are plenty of uphills along the way. I tried to take it easy on the first half, making the way in just under 1:29 like planned. The second half was mostly pain from sore quadriceps muscles. The girls of Wellesly College were amazing and gave a boost of energy to all the runners. The Newton hills were tough! I still cannot believe how many spectators there are at this event; there are people cheering the whole way! I had to stop and rub a tight quad muscle around mile 19; there were about five people that were yelling "you can do it!!" and when I started running again they cheered. Great support, plenty of water/gatorade, plenty of orange slices along the way. I got asked by a few people how my feet were feeling - I told them they were great! Boston College was awesome - seeing the Citgo sign was great, and the last two turns onto Hereford and Boylston were NUTS! Very fun race! I didn't break three hours like I had hoped but still requalified to run next year- 3:06:02 (a PR by 29 seconds!).

BibNameAgeM/FCityStateCountryCtz  *  

4083Hanson, Nicholas J.27MBlairNEUSA
FinishPaceProjected TimeOfficial TimeOverallGenderDivision

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wisner Leprechaun Run - 3.20.10

This last Saturday was the 29th annual Wisner Fire & EMS Leprechaun run.  They had 2.2 mile, 5 kilometer and 5 mile runs as part of the St Patrick's day weekend celebrations.  I had never been to Wisner, NE but there were no other good runs that weekend so we made the drive.  The weather was questionable - only about 32 degrees and windy at the start.  I got in a good warmup and luckily the race did not begin until 12 noon. 

I stepped into the little community center to use the bathroom quickly before the start and overheard a few fellow runners speaking about how they need to get shoes with the most cushioning possible, because their feet need it if they run over 10 miles...  I figured I should stay out of it and kept to myself, glancing down at my wierd VFF Sprints with Injinji socks underneath.  Not much cushioning here but I'm doing fine with 50-70 miles per week.

The race director gave some instructions on where to go- everybody started and finished in the same spots.  The first turnaround was for the 2.2 mile race, the second was for the 5k and the last was for the 5 mile race.  My wife and I had both chosen to run the 5 mile race.  At the start I was feeling very loose and must have actually warmed up properly for once.  I got to the front of the pack and started running hard.  I chatted with another runner for a minute about the VFFs - he told me that he has a pair but only wears them on the treadmill.  I told him he should try wearing them outside!

I got through the first 2 miles in about 11:50 and did not realize that the wind was pushing me until the turnaround, about 2.5 miles in...  The return trip was brutal- into the wind for the whole last half of the race.  I think I ran about 6:00 pace for the first half and 6:30 for the second half.  I was in second place virtually the whole time- the guy ahead of me somehow ran faster after the turnaround and sped ahead of everybody.  He finished in 28:53 and I came in second at 31:22, around 6:16 pace.  I was happy, especially with all of that wind.  I even got my first trophy- with the little plastic running guy on top.  Awesome.  After I finished the runner that I had talked to came up and was asking me how much I run in my VFFs - I told him that anytime I'm outside I'll run in them, or barefoot.  He told me that they give him blisters on his big toes due to the seams - I told him that he needs to get a pair of the Bikilas (if they ever come out) because they are completely seamless!

After the race we got our free $2 steak sandwiches.  Yes; you read that right. 

Monday, March 15, 2010

bentonville half marathon

So the Wal-Mart Bentonville Half Marathon was this Saturday in Bentonville, Arkansas.  I originally signed up for it because I thought it would be a great spring half to do with warm weather- turned out Arkansas weather can be variable in March...  At the start of the race it was about 38 degrees and misting rain.  I warmed up for 15 minutes before the start, jogging around the the parking lot where our car was.  We had to wait for a while at the starting line, though, so I got pretty cold waiting there.  The Injinji socks worked well to keep my toes warm while running, but at the start they were definitely starting to get COLD!  I was shooting for a time of around 1:24 but forgot my watch at home.  I started somewhere in the middle - this was a mistake because it took a while to run through a big pack of runners.  I did not know how fast I was running until there was a clock at the 10k point- 42:17.  I still was not warming up... I picked up the pace a little from there but knew there was an impressive hill at the end of the race.  I finally started feeling warmed up and ready to run hard around 10 miles.  When I got to the hill (around the 12 mile mark) I ran up without stopping; it was steep but very fun and challenging - I passed two other runners here.  I finished in 1:29:57 feeling like I could have run a bit faster.  Results were posted already- I was in 29th place at the 10k point.  Ended up 22nd overall out of 888 runners; 4th out of 60 in my age group. 

Also - I had an interesting conversation with the race director/ local running shoe store owner Mike Rush ( about my Vibram Five Fingers Sprints that I was wearing.  While wearing a head-mounted video camera he politely informed me that I was pronating while wearing my VFFs.  I told him that a fair amount of pronation is normal during running gait and it is just your arch supplying you with energy.  He then told me that I would have problems and would get injured soon.  I explained that I have been running in them exclusively for over two years now and haven't had problems with the VFFs yet.  I have even done two marathons, two half marathons and a handful of 5Ks and 10Ks so far...  He seemed to be caught off guard about the fact that I had done two marathons in them and was still healthy- but quickly asked what the times were.  I told him 3:24 and 3:06.  He told me that he knows biomechanics and that I will get injured- and that he refuses to carry VFFs in his store because he does not believe in them.  I told him that I have my MS degree in Exercise Science and my thesis was on barefoot running- I have done a lot of research and I think I'll be okay.  It was an interesting conversation, though.  Usually I get asked by curious people what it is like to run in them and if they have any arch support, etc. but nothing like this.  Thought I would share this.

Next race - Leprechaun 5 Mile Run in Wisner, NE

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Thought I would post a quick update regarding winter running...  I live in Nebraska and the winter has been harsh, to put it midly.  Not many warm days since November.  I have been running on the treadmill mostly, either barefoot or in socks (the treadmill can get very warm running for 1-2 hours).  Occasionally I will wear my VFFs on the treadmill too.  I have gotten outside probably 6-7 times in my VFFs this winter, every time with my Injinji socks for warmth.  I plan on wearing my Sprints (roughly 700 miles on them now) to the Bentonville Half Marathon this weekend and then to the Boston Marathon next month.  I've been running outside more and more lately- it was ~44 degrees Saturday so I did the last ten miles of my 20 miler outside in the Sprints and loved it.  I am anxiously awaiting the VFF Bikilas!!!