Thursday, May 27, 2010

Council Bluffs Half Marathon - race report

This was the second running of the Council Bluffs Half Marathon, and my first.  I wore my VFF Sprints - nearing 1200 miles but holding together nicely.  I didn't do any spring races last year but for some reason have been doing as many as I can this spring...  I knew all week that the race was going to be warm - high of between 85/90 for the day.  The morning of the race was a warm and humid 72 degrees.  The race started out with the 5k runners, and it was an out-and-back run for them.  I started towards the middle of the pack, because it was chip-timed and I thought I should probably start out slow for the first mile or two.  My first two miles were around 6:55 and 6:45, right where I wanted to be.  Around mile two I heard "nice barefoot shoes" (which still is an odd thing to say to somebody for many reasons...).  I ran with that guy for a few minutes, talking about the VFFs.  Around mile 3-4 one of the pacers for Team Nebraska talked to me a bit (he was on a bicycle) about the VFFs - he wore them for a trail run a few weeks ago.  The course was actually very nice and was flat.  Running by Lake Manawa allowed for some good scenery, although it smelled a bit fishy...  I kept as steady a pace as I could - ranging from about 6:35 to 6:50 per mile.  After the lake we hit my favorite part - a few hundred feet of single-track dirt trail - before jumping onto another trail and heading back toward the finish.  I worked my way up little by little, passing a couple of people every mile.  When mile ten came around I was getting a bit tired from the sun beating down on me - at the last few water stops I dumped a cup of water on my head - VERY nice feeling.  The last few miles of the race were very pleasant - we ran through another concrete trail with nice trees.  I caught up with a female runner who I could see for the last two miles or so right at the 13 mile marker.  I thought she might race me to the finish but I went on without her.  Finished in 1:29:08 (chip time), 10th overall.  Not too bad for the heat/humidity.  I felt great afterward - could have gone further.  Overall it was a fairly well-organized race.  Although, the expo was very weak and they didn't put out bananas/oranges until around 2:00:00.  A bit pricey too, at $60.

bib number:236
location:Blair, NE
overall place:10 out of 635
division place:2 out of 42
gender place:9 out of 278
gun time:1:29:38

Next up - Boystown Memorial Day 5 Mile Run

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