Friday, May 7, 2010

Chicago Marathon 10.10.10

So I was reading about the Boston Marathon results a couple of weeks ago...  I found out that Ryan Hall donated all of his prize money from the race ($25,000) to his charity, the Hall Steps Foundation.  I thought that was interesting so I researched a bit more.  He started the foundation with his wife, Sara Hall, who is also an incredible runner.  Here are some details from their website:

The Hall Steps Foundation aims to empower the running community to use the energy and resources that fuel runners’ athletic achievements for social justice efforts. Currently in its first year of operation, the Steps Foundation funds initiatives that tackle structural causes of poverty such as chronic lack of access to basic entitlements including clean water, shelter and physical security. Specifically, Steps partners with leading international and local nonprofits in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia to fund projects that invest in sustainable methods of enhancing access to basic essentials. To-date, this has included (1) constructing community wells in East Africa to secure water access; (2) funding an orphanage in Kenya to ensure access to shelter and basic education; and (3) sponsoring legal counsel for victims of human trafficking in Southeast Asia to enhance victims’ physical autonomy. In the U.S., the Hall Steps Foundation is funding youth mentor and running programs across the country that aim to position athletic activity, goal-setting and training camaraderie at the center of the national movement to improve youth health, fitness and opportunity.

The more I found out the more I thought is was a great idea.  One of the "nonprofits" that they team with is WorldVision, a Christian organization.  The three main goals of the HSF are:

1. Mentoring running programs to get kids active and fight childhood obesity
2. Providing clean water to rural communities in Africa
3. Anti Human-Trafficking

I then noticed on the site that they were looking for runners to join them at the Chicago Marathon this October.  I mentioned it to my wife and she wanted to do it too!  So now we are registered to run the marathon for the Hall Steps Foundation.  We each need to raise $1500, which sounds like a good challenge for both of us.  We haven't started formally raising money yet but we have our information on their site.  More to follow...

Here are our sites:

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