Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lake Wehrspann 10k - 8.1.10

This was my first 10k of the year, and I was not training for it specifically at all.  I did no interval training, speedwork, mile repeats, etc.  I have just been running, and mostly on trails.  That being said, I was just out to break 40 minutes again.  That would suffice.
We got to the lake about 30 minutes before the start, had time to hit the bathroom, put on our numbers and timing chips, etc…   All the normal things you do before a race.  We jogged back to the car, put our t-shirts in the trunk and headed to the start.  We’d never done this race before, or even been to Lake Wehrspann.  Apparently it was the 23rd year they had done the 10k though.  We lined up at the start and got race instructions – we were told that there would be three water stops and the course would be completely on hilly concrete pathways.
The course was very scenic and you could see the lake virtually the whole time.  I was around 5th place, behind 3 males and 1 female, until the 5k point.  I felt warmed up by then and went for it.  I held the pace around 6:25 or so, and found the energy for a 6:00 sixth mile.  Caught up to the leader/pacer around 6.1 miles, passed and won – not the best time but it was under 40 minutes (39:45 – barely!)  Of course, I didn't know for sure that I won until I got the award, because the ribbon was not held up.  Oh well.

 Next race - the Riverside 5000 in OKLAHOMA!

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